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Clone script development

Embrace the future of on-demand delivery services with confidence. Alphacodez Gojek clone script development empowers you with a multi-vendor platform similar to Gojek and optimizes each component for utmost satisfaction. As you pioneer this adaptation, our budget-friendly solution secures that your journey is marked by eminence and profitability. Step into the next era of on-demand innovation - the possibilities are limitless.


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Be the Next Gojek: Build Your All in One Multi Vendor Empire with Inspired Innovation!

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User Features

At Alphacodez, your satisfaction as a customer is paramount. We diligently designed our user-friendly On-Demand Delivery Clone Script to ensure easy accessibility and a pleasant buying experience.Put trust in us to help you grow your on-demand business by leveraging our user-friendly features and persistent commitment to providing exceptional customer service.  


Multi-Service Booking

In the Gojek clone app, Users can effortlessly book an array of services including ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery shopping, package delivery, and a wide range of services.



Real-time GPS tracking enabled with the On demand delivery clone app helps users monitor their service provider's location in real-time on a map, ensuring they are kept informed.


Ratings and

Users can provide feedback by rating and reviewing service providers, contributing to an accountable and reliable ecosystem where quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.



A comprehensive service history log helps users keep track of previous bookings, review invoices, and plan future engagements, making their experience more organized.



A dedicated customer support system, available 24/7 through in-app chat or phone, ensures that users receive prompt assistance in case of issues and enhancing their overall experience.


Multiple Payment Options

The on-demand clone app offers various secure and convenient payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and even cash on delivery, cater to different user preferences.



User profiles enable personalized experiences by allowing individuals to save their contact details, preferred addresses, and payment methods for seamless and efficient bookings.


In-App Communication

Direct communication channels, like in-app messaging or calls, foster clear and direct interaction between users and service providers, addressing queries and providing updates.


Promotions and Discounts

Users benefit from promotional campaigns, special offers, and loyalty programs, enhancing their value proposition and encouraging repeat usage.


Multi-Language Support

By offering the app in multiple languages, you ensure inclusivity and accessibility for a diverse user base, welcoming users from various linguistic backgrounds.


Admin Features

The Alphacodez Gojek Clone Script boasts an exhibition of user-friendly and advanced admin features and offers effortless control over your business. Through our admin panel, You attain exhaustive command, seamlessly manage processes, and drive your on-demand marketplace toward success.



Delivery Agent Features

The key to achieving delivery excellence is understood by Alphacodez's team of industry pioneers. Discover the wonderful features that will help your Gojek clone app's delivery agents. Onlooker provides outstanding customer service and lightning-fast shipping. Take your success to new levels!


Delivery Dashboard

The Gojek clone script Equip delivery agents with a user-friendly dashboard where they can view a summarized overview of assigned orders, order details, delivery locations, and route maps.


Real-Time Navigation

Integrate advanced GPS navigation tools in the Gojek clone script to guide agents through the optimal routes from pickup to delivery, minimizing delays and ensuring timely arrivals.



Empower delivery agents with route optimization tools that suggest the most efficient paths, reducing travel time and optimizing fuel consumption.


In-App Communication

Foster seamless communication by enabling direct messaging or call features between delivery agents, users, or vendors for clarifications or updates.



Send real-time notifications for new orders, status changes, or time-sensitive messages, ensuring that agents remain attentive and responsive.


Order Management

Streamline delivery workflows by allowing agents to seamlessly accept, review, or decline incoming delivery requests, ensuring efficient assignment handling.



Provide agents with an earnings tracker displaying a breakdown of delivery fees, tips, and potential bonuses earned from completed orders.



Enable agents to capture and upload delivery proof, such as images or signatures, ensuring accountability and enhancing user confidence.



Allow agents to manage their availability, set break times, and adjust work hours, ensuring flexibility and optimal time management.



Offer dedicated support channels for agents to quickly resolve issues, seek assistance, or escalate urgent matters during delivery tasks.

Delivery Agent Features

The key to achieving delivery excellence is understood by Alphacodez's team of industry pioneers. Discover the wonderful features that will help your Gojek clone app's delivery agents. Onlooker provides outstanding customer service and lightning-fast shipping. Take your success to new levels!


Build Gojek Inspired All in One Multi Vendor Platform, Lead the Edge

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Vendor Features

The Alphacodez Gojek clone app is a groundbreaking platform that transforms how vendors engage in on-demand delivery services. With detailed care for precision, we have formulated an exceptional experience that extends from each click to every scroll, delivering unmatched convenience to vendors at their fingertips.


Vendor Dashboard

The On demand delivery clone script comes with the dynamic vendors dashboard, giving them an interactive hub to manage services, view orders, track earnings, and gain valuable insights into their business performance.


Order Handling

Effortlessly review and respond to incoming service requests, efficiently allocate resources, update order status, and maintain a smooth user experience.


Earnings and Payouts

The Gojek clone script provides vendors with a comprehensive financial overview, allowing them to monitor earnings, track commissions, and initiate swift, secure payouts directly from the platform.


Profile Customization

Craft engaging profiles that spotlight skills, certifications, and past accomplishments, offering a compelling snapshot to attract potential users.


Direct Communication

Foster seamless interactions by facilitating direct communication between vendors and users through built-in messaging or call features.


Analytics Insights

The Gojek clone scripts Equips vendors with comprehensive analytics reports detailing earnings trends, booking patterns, and user feedback, empowering informed decision-making.


Geographical Configuration

Define service coverage areas precisely, optimize service availability, and configure delivery boundaries for efficient operations.


Service Management

The Gojek clone script enables vendors to Seamlessly curate, edit, or temporarily suspend services to ensure an accurate representation of offerings that can be tailored to evolving demands.


Real-Time Tracking

Harness advanced GPS technology to provide vendors with a live view of user locations, enabling optimal route planning and punctual service delivery.


Availability Control

Define flexible availability settings, set working hours, and manage breaks to ensure seamless scheduling and dependable service provision.


Booking Requests

Enable vendors to promptly accept, decline, or negotiate incoming booking requests, cultivating a responsive and accommodating service environment.


Review Engagement

Empower vendors to engage with user reviews actively, respond to feedback, address concerns, and showcase their commitment to quality service.


Promotional Outreach

Amplify service visibility by offering time-sensitive promotions, enticing discounts, or exclusive packages to captivate and engage users.


Support Access

Grant vendors direct access to dedicated support channels, enabling them to resolve inquiries swiftly, seek assistance, and maintain seamless service interactions.


Your profit with Gojek clone app

Paving the Way to Revenue in On-Demand Delivery



As the platform owner, you can earn a percentage of each transaction made through your app. Whether it's a ride, food delivery, or any other service, charging a commission allows you to generate revenue for every successful transaction.


Delivery Fees

Implement a delivery fee for goods and products delivered through your platform. Users can benefit from delivery's convenience for groceries, parcels, or other products while you profit from providing the service.


Subscription Models

Introduce subscription plans to enhance user engagement and loyalty. Subscribers can access exclusive benefits such as discounted service fees, faster response times, or free deliveries.


Advertising Revenue

Collaborate with local businesses to display targeted ads within your app. These companies can pay for more exposure among your user base, and you can bill them based on how many people see or click on their adverts.


Featured Listings

Service providers can boost their visibility on your platform by featuring their listings by paying charges . In order to draw in more users, these featured offerings could show up at the top of search results or in highlighted areas.


Premium Services

Introduce premium or specialized service options that users can opt for at an extra cost. You may, for instance, offer luxury transportation using top-tier automobiles or offer expedited delivery services.


Business Ideas with Gojek clone app

Grit • Grow • Glow


Start Ride-Hailing Services


Establish Food Delivery Services


Begin Grocery Delivery Services


Launch Package Delivery


Start Beauty and Wellness services


Facilitate Home Services


Start Healthcare Services


Begin Fitness and Wellness services


Launch Financial Services


The On-Demand Realm with Gojek Clone Script

Why we are best choice


Extensive Industry Expertise

Benefit from our wealth of industry knowledge in on-demand software development. Pulling upon years of stashed expertness and command, we harness this deep understanding to compose a feature-rich On demand delivery clone script that absolutely aligns with your specific needs and aspirations, laying the groundwork for your imminent success.


User-Focused Approach

At Alphacodez, we are steadfastly committed to creating an enjoyable and seamless user experience. Our skilled team carefully plans out user-friendly interfaces and makes sure that users can easily steer through all areas of the platform. this execution ensures that user having immersive purchase experience with in the Gojek clone app


Cutting-Edge Technology Foundation

Energize your platform with the Alphacodez clone script, Inch by inch constructed upon a contemporary and robust technology stack. This script empowers On demand delivery platforms with optimized performance, excellent reliability, top-notch security, and solid scalability. Rest assured; it paves the way for future expansion without any issues.



Experience tranquility with our steadfast support and maintenance services, ensuring the seamless operation of your on demand delivery Platform. Our dedicated team is poised to swiftly address any technical hurdles that may arise, guaranteeing your platform's uninterrupted success and effortless operation.



We don't merely collaborate; we forge enduring partnerships with our clients. Our commitment extends well beyond the initial launch. We stand firmly by your side, offering regular updates and enhancements to keep your platform at the vanguard of evolving industry trends.


White Label

Unleash infinite possibilities with our White Label Solutions, elevating your brand to the forefront. Through our solution, your brand takes center stage, enabling you to empower and establish a unique identity in the online demand delivery market. With confidence, brand the service and distinguish yourself from competitors.


Features of Of Gojek clone script

AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Implement an Ai powered chatbot with the Gojek clone script that enhances the user experience. by addressing a wide range of queries and providing instant responses, helping in order tracking, suggesting products or services, and resolving issues promptly.

The AI virtual chatbot continuously evolves, delivering personalized interactions that align with individual choices. It also ensures a seamless and efficient customer support experience and user engagement by reducing response times and promoting lasting customer loyalty.

Implement an Ai powered chatbot with the Gojek clone script that enhances the user experience. by addressing a wide range of queries and providing instant responses, helping in order tracking, suggesting products or services, and resolving issues promptly.
The AI virtual chatbot continuously evolves, delivering personalized interactions that align with individual choices. It also ensures a seamless and efficient customer support experience and user engagement by reducing response times and promoting lasting customer loyalty.
The Personalized search feature in the On demand clone script helps show users personalized purchase suggestions based on user behavior, tastes, and relevance. This feature helps to quickly locate desired items, fostering a happy shopping journey and increasing the probability of repeat business. Offering a tailored experience improves user satisfaction and encourages brand loyalty.

Create an All-in-One Multi-Vendor Empire, Your Journey Being the Next Gojek!

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Tools we have digitized

Query Quenches

What is the Alphacodez Gojek clone script?

Alphacodez Gojek clone script is a robust and ready-made solution that empowers entrepreneurs to launch their multi-service on-demand platform, similar to Gojek.

How does Alphacodez Gojek clone script compare to building an app from scratch?

Alphacodez Gojek clone script offers a significant advantage over building a multi-service app from scratch. This ready-made solution eliminates the need for extensive development costs and time

How secure is the Alphacodez Gojek clone script?

Security is a top priority in Alphacodez Gojek clone script. The script includes the industry best security measures, including encrypted data transmission, and secured protocols

Is Alphacodez Gojek clone app script reliable?

Yes, Alphacodez Gojek clone app script is built with reliability in mind. Our team does rigorous testing to ensure stability, scalability, and optimal performance, even under high user loads.

 What kind of future support does Alphacodez provide for its Gojek clone script?

Alphacodez is committed to comprehensive support for its Gojek clone script. We offer ongoing maintenance support, including bug fixes, regular updates, security enhancements, and other updates.

Can I customize the Alphacodez Gojek clone to match my business requirements?

Certainly! The Gojek clone script is highly customizable for the app's branding, design, features, and functionalities to your unique business needs.v

Does Alphacodez Gojek clone support integration with multiple payment gateways?

Yes, Alphacodez Gojek clone supports seamless integration with multiple payment gateways. This ensures flexibility for your customers to make secure and convenient transactions.

Is technical expertise necessary to manage the Alphacodez Gojek clone script?

Technical expertise is optional to manage the Alphacodez Gojek clone script. The script is intended to be more user-friendly and managed by an intuitive admin panel. Even with minimum technological skills, you can easily oversee operations, manage orders, upgrade services, and track user activity.

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