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General Terms of Work, Client Responsibilities and Liabilities

The client is responsible for providing all website content to Alphacodez before starting the work.

The client must back up all existing data on their site/application before Alphacodez begins working, as any loss or damage to the data is not Alphacodez's responsibility.

Alphacodez is not responsible for data entry, web hosting, or custom artwork/graphics unless explicitly agreed upon and paid for. Any artwork or text created by Alphacodez will be owned by them unless otherwise agreed.

While Alphacodez will strive to meet estimated deadlines, unforeseen circumstances may require adjustments to the timeline, such as deployment issues, dependencies, or resource unavailability.

The client has 7 days to provide feedback on the delivered project. If no response is received, the work will be considered approved.

The client retains the copyright to their data and grants Alphacodez permission to use it. The client is responsible for obtaining proper copyright permissions for third-party materials and indemnifies Alphacodez from any claims resulting from copyright infringement.

Alphacodez is not responsible for any alterations made to the client's website/application by the client or third parties after deployment.

Re-work, Add-ons/Enhancements, and Billing

Additional features beyond the original contract will be considered through a Change Management process and billed separately.

Minor changes and re-work will be accommodated, but if it's deemed abusive, Alphacodez may charge for the additional work based on the time spent.

The client must pay for any add-ons or re-work without deductions or discounts by the agreed due date.

Alphacodez accepts payment by cheque, cash, or bank transfers. The client must provide transaction receipts for bank transfers.

If the client cancels the project before completion, a cancellation fee may be charged based on the work completed. Failure to pay the fee may result in legal action.

Approvals and Delivery

Alphacodez will make best efforts to deliver the products within the agreed timeframe, but technical reasons may require revisions. The client must review the product upon delivery and provide feedback within 7 days.

Support and Third Party

The client is responsible for any third-party support, products, or services integrated into the application. Alphacodez may procure them on behalf of the client, but the cost will be the client's responsibility.

Alphacodez's fee does not include out-of-pocket expenses related to third-party products/services.

Alphacodez does not provide guarantees or warranties for third-party products/services.

Upgrades to third-party products/services used in the project are not included unless explicitly stated.

Limitation of Liability

Alphacodez will provide the contracted service with reasonable skill and care but does not make any representations or warranties regarding availability, quality, accuracy, or performance.

Alphacodez is not liable for any loss or damage caused by inaccuracies, omissions, or errors in the mobile application. They are also not responsible for loss or damage to client's artwork, data, or content.

Except in cases of negligence leading to death or personal injury, Alphacodez is not liable for any damages arising from this agreement or the service provided.

Alphacodez is not responsible for any failures in services provided by third parties.


If a court deems any provision of the agreement invalid, the remaining provisions will be interpreted to best fulfill the parties intent. The affected terms may be renegotiated.

The invalid provision will be replaced with a valid provision that aligns with the parties' original intention.


This agreement is governed by the laws of India, and any disputes shall be settled exclusively in Indian courts. By placing an order, the client accepts these conditions.

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