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Uber Eats

Clone script development

Alphacodez Ubereats clone script is the fastest business solution resembles the eye-catching features of the Ubereats application that facilitate to own food delivery business digitally at any time. Ubereats Clone App development brings every service of the Ubereats features to the palm of your hand. The Ubeteats Clone script can be effectively used to provide improved usability along with scalability through its features and cross-platform compatibility. The Ubereats clone App can be downloaded for use through a number of sources that include the app store, google play store, and android store also promoting different upgrades for different operating systems such as Linux and windows.

Alphacodez is the prominent service provider for Ubereats Clone App development that provides million-dollar business solutions with a standard set of trending features that guarantees a risk-free mode of monetizing assets. Alphacodez ubereats clone app solutions helps to have upcoming updates and upgrades are notified very well in advance through its acknowledgments transmitted through several ways that include SMS, etc. Our Ubereats clone app contains all the essential functionalities and updated features along with high usability to make your online food delivery business.


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User features

Experience the ultimate online food delivery business sensation with exceptional Ubereats clone script's user features. Watch your food delivery business soar to new heights. With its inspiring features and unparalleled performance.

Indulge in Seamless food delivery app experiences with Ubereats clone script's user features! Discover the joy of effortless ordering with state-of-the-art Ubereats clone script, satisfy user cravings with convenience and relish a delightful dining journey. Get ready to savor every business bite with our readymade food delivery solution!



The UberEats clone app allows Users to effortlessly sign up and create their accounts with social media accounts, enabling quick access to the food delivery platform.


Real-Time Order Tracking

Stay informed with live updates on the status of your order, from confirmation to preparation and delivery, allowing you to track your food's journey in real time.


Personalized Recommendations

Benefit from personalized food recommendations based on past orders, preferences, and ratings, making discovering new dining options that match user tastes easier.


Scheduled Deliveries

The UberEats clone app allows users to plan and schedule food deliveries for specific times, allowing them to enjoy meals at their convenience or surprise loved ones with timely treats.


Customer Support

The UberClone app allows users to seek assistance from customer support through in-app chat, phone, or email, ensuring prompt resolution of any queries or issues.


Intuitive Food Ordering

Enjoy a user-friendly interface of the uberEats clone app that allows users to browse various restaurants, explore menus, and place orders with just a few taps.


Multiple Payment Options

Users can indulge in secure payment options in the uberEats clone app, including various cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery. Rest assured hassle-free transactions.


Ratings and Reviews

Share your dining experiences by rating and reviewing restaurants and delivery services, helping other users make informed choices and maintaining quality standards.


Order History and Favorites

Users can access comprehensive order history, view past orders, and save favourite restaurants in the food delivery clone for quick reordering in the future.


Promotions and Discounts

Take advantage of exclusive promotions, discount codes, and loyalty programs, enabling users to save money and enjoy special offers while ordering food.


Admin features

Start your food delivery business venture with Alphacodez’s Ubereats clone script development! The advanced solutions blend intuitive interfaces, robust functionalities, and top-tier security to fuel your success in the food delivery business market. From rapid development to post-launch support, we're the recipe for your success!

Master control with UberEats clone script with admin Features!. Engineered to streamline operations and maximize efficiency, our comprehensive solution empowers you to take the driver's seat. Experience unparalleled administration and drive your food delivery application to new heights with advanced UberEats clone script admin features!



Delivery Agent Features

Spark Delivery Excellence with our UberEats Clone Script Delivery Agent Features! Our comprehensive solution equips delivery agents with the tools they need to conquer the food delivery landscape. Experience the thrill of optimized performance and fuel your delivery success with our groundbreaking food delivery clone script delivery agent features!


Order Management

Efficiently manage and track assigned orders, including order details, customer preferences, and special instructions, ensuring smooth and accurate deliveries.


Route Optimization

Optimize delivery routes to minimize travel time and distance, maximizing efficiency and allowing delivery agents to handle more orders in less time.


Delivery History

Access a comprehensive history of completed deliveries, allowing delivery agents to review past orders, track performance, and provide better service in the future.


Availability Management

Set availability preferences, including working hours and preferred delivery zones, enabling delivery agents to align their schedules with demand and optimize their earning potential.


Support and Assistance

Access dedicated support channels for prompt assistance, troubleshooting, or addressing any issues that may arise during deliveries.


Real-Time Tracking

Stay on top of deliveries with real-time tracking, enabling delivery agents to navigate efficiently and provide customers with accurate ETAs for a seamless experience.


In-App Communication

Facilitate communication between delivery agents and customers through in-app messaging or calling features, enabling quick and convenient updates or clarifications.


Earnings and Payouts

Keep track of earnings, incentives, and payouts, ensuring transparency and providing delivery agents with a clear overview of their financial performance.


Ratings and Feedback

Receive ratings and feedback from customers, allowing delivery agents to gauge their performance, improve service quality, and build a strong reputation.


Performance Analytics

Gain insights into delivery performance, including delivery times, customer ratings, and overall efficiency, helping delivery agents identify areas for improvement and enhance their service.

Delivery Agent Features

Spark Delivery Excellence with our UberEats Clone Script Delivery Agent Features! Our comprehensive solution equips delivery agents with the tools they need to conquer the food delivery landscape. Experience the thrill of optimized performance and fuel your delivery success with our groundbreaking food delivery clone script delivery agent features!


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Restaurant  Features

In Alphacodez UberEats, from every click to every scroll, we've tailored a platform that delivers unparalleled convenience to restaurants. Our precision-crafted features and structures are deeply designed to catapult restaurant profits to extraordinary heights. Embark on a culinary revolution, harnessing a transformative solution that empowers restaurants to conquer the competitive market.


Streamlined Online Menu Management

Ubereats clone app provides an intuitive platform for restaurants to manage their online menus. can easily add, remove, or update menu items, ensuring accuracy and real-time availability for customers.


Flexible Delivery and Pickup Options

The food delivery clone offers restaurants the flexibility to choose between in-house delivery or leveraging the UberEats delivery network. restaurants can enable customers to conveniently order food.


Performance Analytics and Insights

Ubereats clone provides restaurants with valuable performance analytics and insights. Restaurants can access data on order volume, customer preferences, and sales trends.


Customizable Delivery Zones

Restaurants can define their delivery zones based on their operational capabilities and preferences. To ensure that they can efficiently serve their clients within a certain geographic area.


Efficient Order Processing System

Restaurants receive and manage orders seamlessly through the UberEats clone platform. They can view, accept, and track orders, enabling smooth coordination between the kitchen, staff, and delivery drivers.


Promotions and Special Offers

Restaurants can run promotional campaigns and offer special discounts or deals through UberEats. This feature helps attract new customers, increase order volume, and boost brand visibility.


Customer Reviews and Ratings

Restaurants can monitor customer feedback, address concerns, and use positive reviews to enhance their reputation and attract more customers.It also displays customer reviews and ratings for each restaurant.



Ubereats clones  enable dedicated support to restaurants, assisting with account management, technical issues, and general inquiries. Restaurants can rely on  support team for prompt assistance.


Ubereats clone Solution

Feast of Profits: Taste the Sweet Success of Online Food Delivery Apps



In your food food delivery clone app, Add a dash of profit to each order - savor the taste of success with a commission on every transaction, fueling your appetite for revenue as you connect customers and restaurants in the world of online food delivery.



Spice up your income with every doorstep delight - charge customers for the convenience of timely takeout delivery, adding a flavorful stream of revenue while ensuring a satisfying experience from the restaurant to their front door.


Advertising and Promotions

Serve a delicious revenue buffet - collaborate with restaurants for delectable sponsored placements and capturing campaigns, attract a crowd of hungry customers, and relish in a satisfying advertising revenue feast. With the powerful ubereats clone app.



Ride the online demand wave, maximizing profits with dynamic pricing during peak periods. Implement pricing strategies that strike the perfect balance between supply and demand, driving a surge of revenue that propels your online business to new heights.


Subscription Model

Feast on recurring revenue delights - entice customers with exclusive benefits, like free delivery, VIP access to new restaurants, and catching discounts. By offering a subscription, turn your online meal delivery app into a delectable success story.



Transform insights into a recipe for profit - leverage valuable customer data by anonymizing and selling it for market research. Turn data into a profitable ingredient, serving a delectable dish of market intelligence and advertising opportunities.


Business Ideas with Our Ubereats Clone Script

Unleash• Uplift • Uprise


Start On-Demand Food Delivery


Create Multi-Store Aggregator


Enable Local Store Digitalization


Launch Pet Supplies Delivery


Establish B2B Wholesale Platform


Introduce Subscription-Based Grocery Service


Offer Speciality Food Delivery


Provide Corporate and Office Supplies


Deliver Health and Wellness Products

The Secret Ingredient

To Food Delivery Triumph

Alphacodez’s  Ubereats Clone Script



Unlock the industry knowledge and experience that sets us apart as your secret ingredient for success. Seasoned experts with a dash of brilliance create our UberEats clone script, ensuring your food delivery venture rises to the top with unparalleled mastery with our clone solution.



Customize the flavor of success with our food delivery clone script, plating a unique platform that satisfies your appetite for perfection. Craft a compelling experience perfectly tailored to your taste buds, as our script gives you the creative freedom to create a mouthwatering platform that reflects your brand's essence.


Tech on a

Savor the cutting-edge technology that provides a seamless and scalable dining experience, leaving your customers craving more. From smooth order handling to lightning-fast performance, our state-of-the-art technology serves a delectable feast of innovation.


Feast of

Delight in a buffet of essential functionalities that empower you to master orders with ease and satisfy even the most discerning palates. Indulge in a bountiful spread of features, from order wizardry to secure payment magic, offering a delightful experience that leaves your customers returning for seconds. Lead the market with our featureful clone solution.



Enjoy a dedicated support banquet that ensures your platform thrives long after launch, leaving no room for hunger or disappointment. Our support team stands by your side like culinary experts, providing continuous support, savoury updates, and a dash of enhancements to ensure your platform stays fresh and satisfying.


White Label

Power up your brand with our irresistible White Label Solutions. Brand your service confidently, succeed, and leave your competition scrambling for crumbs! Unleash your brand's potential, leave your competitors salivating, and rise to the top of the food delivery game with our White Label Solutions, where success is on the menu.


Cravings of Alphacodez’s Ubereats Clone Script

Smart Search

Activate Flavorful Discoveries with AI-Powered Precision with Smart Search. Our Ubereats clone software tempts taste buds with tailored suggestions based on prior orders, customer feedback, and dietary preferences. a scrumptious search journey and the end of flavor weariness. Quickly discover your culinary joy.

Take advantage of smart search that is customized to your specific cravings and set off on a fascinating culinary adventure voyage. Let the array of flavors at your disposal mesmerize your taste receptors.

Activate Flavorful Discoveries with AI-Powered Precision with Smart Search. Our Ubereats clone software tempts taste buds with tailored suggestions based on prior orders, customer feedback, and dietary preferences. a scrumptious search journey and the end of flavor weariness. Quickly discover your culinary joy.

Take advantage of smart search that is customized to your specific cravings and set off on a fascinating culinary adventure voyage. Let the array of flavors at your disposal mesmerize your taste receptors.

Enchant your customers and increase your revenue. AI-powered suggestions Cast spells of delight, charming users with tempting upselling and cross-selling suggestions. Enrich the eating experience, broaden their gastronomic horizons, and release the potential of higher order values.

Prepare for the allure of increased profits. Access the power of strategic upselling and cross-selling as it generates a symphony of customer joy and revenue development, persuading customers to try new flavors.

Transform Insights into lasting Success. Utilizes the potential of AI analytics to figure out your customers' actual worth. Transmute data into gold by learning about their preferences, behaviors, and ordering habits.

Personalize your marketing magic, nurture your most precious customers, and witness loyalty grow. Uncover the secrets hidden inside your data as it provides the route to long-term success .

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Tools we have digitized


Query Quenches

What's the secret ingredient of your UberEats Clone Script?

Alphacodez UberEats Clone Script is the perfect recipe for your on-demand food delivery platform, featuring mouthwatering features and a dash of customization to make it uniquely yours!

Why should I feast on an UberEats clone app instead of cooking up an app from scratch?

Indulge in a time-saving treat! With an UberEats clone app, you can savor the success of a ready-made solution, reducing development costs and quickly satisfying the hunger of users with a proven and popular concept.

How does your Food delivery app script satisfy me?

Alphacodez Food delivery app script serves success on a silver platter, with customizable features, quick deployment, and 24/7 support to ensure your food delivery venture reaches the pinnacle of achievement!

Can your food delivery clone script handle the heat?

Alphacodez food delivery clone script is built to handle the sizzle! With powerful customization options, seamless integration, and a dedicated support team, it's a recipe for success in the competitive food delivery market.

 How is your UberEats Clone app seasoned for Performance?

Alphacodez UberEats Clone app adds a pinch of personalization, a dash of efficiency, and a sprinkle of scalability to create a compelling food delivery experience that keeps your customers coming back for seconds!

 Can your UberEats Clone Script turn up the flavor of my food delivery venture?

Alphacodez’s food delivery clone scripts are like adding flavor to your food delivery business! With advanced features, seamless Performance, and a touch of innovation, it brings out the true essence of success in the competitive market.

Can your Uber Eats Clone Script fulfill the thirst for growth in the food delivery industry?

Alphayum UberEats Clone Script is the secret sauce for growth in the food delivery market! Its irresistible features, robust Performance, and a pinch of innovation satisfy the hunger for success and help your business thrive in the competitive landscape!

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