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We are in Blockchain development, AI development, IOT development, FOREX development, Quality Engineering and testing, Managed IT Services.

We are glad to present in the Educational sector.

We Train the freshers into experts up to their mark and teach them in various domains like Digital Marketing, UI/UX development, and Full stack development; we do requirements in our company and help them to place in other companies.

Our students are working on Live projects; Our students are getting experienced in both simulation and Driving a chopper.

About Managing Director 

Our MD, Dr Senthil Kumar, Always intended to make our Team happy and successful. Our MD is not born with a silver spoon.

He is a self-made person; He was also an Employee, so he eliminated the words, Employer and Employee. He always plays as a team member and aims to keep his team happy rather than anything, making us cross the silk route very quickly. He aims to make his team brainy.

How do we serve the client?

We serve our clients the best as we serve food for our Guests at Home. We have a solid rocky Diamond team; even if we stretch ourselves the most, we always serve our clients the best.

We use the Laravel PHP framework, Opencart, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Node JS, Java, and C# to build our customers’ websites and mobile applications. We make our customers more delightful, like presenting gifts to family members.

What fascinates you about the app development industry?

We can give solutions to Emerging Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to Embrace technology for their development. The mobile app is a solution to Reduce Time, Money and Energy for Entrepreneurs and customers in various industries because the customers can see the available stock, design specifications, etc. We can access the mobile app anywhere at any time.

Services offered by Alphacodez:

We offer wide range of services like :

  • Application Development 
  • Blockchain Development 
  • Al Product Development 
  • IoT Development 
  • Forex Development 
  • Quality Engineering and Testing 
  • Education services

We place our footprints in various sectors like Education, marketplace, logistics, Healthcare and many more industries. We deliver our product to the best quality one which others count.

Significant challenges the company has faced during its growth

By facing challenges, we can only grow a lot; the biggest hurdles we initially face are to win clients and our team’s hearts. Like everyone, we had some financial and workforce struggles.

The key mantra that has driven you over the years

Our commitment towards our clients and our Teammates: We deliver the best products to our clients, and we also concentrate much on the growth of our Teammates by Educating and sharing things both personally and professionally 

A Quote that describes Alphacodez:

Keep our Teammates happy; we can get the perfect product 

Looking at the future from a development point of view, where do you go from here?

Our Motto is to deliver the finest knowledge to our Teammates and also give more responsibilities, Exploring many things, adding more subordinates to them, etc. We must make our customers more delighted with our best product.